FiveComply’s ‘Payments and Banking Relations Department’ is ready to provide you with the most suitable solutions and assist you to select the most cost and time efficient options among Banks /EMIs / PSPs.

By utilising our long-term relationships with Banks /EMIs / PSPs, our specialised ‘Payments and Banking Relations Department’ helps your business identify the best and most suitable options at all times.

The strict regulatory regimes that govern global banking and the capital markets, create practical obstacles, by making the due diligence processes and in general the Bank/EMI/ PSP account opening procedures more time consuming and in general, much more difficult with significantly lower approval rates.

At the same time, we are experiencing a decade of incredible changes in the banking industry, during which banks are facing top challenges arising from the technology trends in the banking and the financial services industry.

Our experts can guide you during these ever-changing times and assist you to select the Banks /EMIs / PSPs that better match your needs, whereas, at the same time, our dedicated department can assist you to complete and submit the account opening documentation.

FiveComply via its experienced ‘Payments and Banking Relations Department’ is always ready to assist you in comparing different options and open accounts with Banks /EMIs / PSPs offering the best terms, by taking always into consideration the credibility and pricing of each institution.