Timeframe: 3-4 weeks

Capital Requirements: €250,000


Mwali International Services Authority (MISA) is the regulator which supervises the financial services in Mwali Comoros.

In order to apply for a license, the applicant must establish an International Business Company (IBC) in Comoros. Comoros International Brokerage & Clearing House License allows your company to trade in securities either as a principal (on its own account) or as an agent (on behalf of its clients).


Companies that provide the forex services in the Comoros are required:

  1. be incorporated in Mwali Comoros;
  2. be licensed in accordance with the licensing requirements of MISA;
  3. meet the minimum capital requirements (€250,000) for International Brokerage & Clearing House License;
  4. have minimum one Director (which may be non-resident);
  5. have minimum one Shareholder (either individual or legal entity);
  6. The company does not need to have an office in Comoros;
  7. No restrictions on leverage, PAMM/MAM accounts, or IBs.