EMI licensing

Cyprus has harmonized its legislation with the relevant EU directives and practices governing the operations of Payment Institutions (“PI”) and Electronic Money Institutions (“EMI”) and

Electronic money services in the Republic of Cyprus may only be provided by an electronic money institution which has been granted an authorisation by the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC).

An authorisation for the operation of an electronic money institution is only granted to a legal person which has been incorporated and has its head office in the Republic of Cyprus.

We can help you get licensed in a timely and cost efficient manner.

What we can offer:

  • Prepare and submit the application package to CBC
  • Working closely with you during the whole application process and advise you how better to structure your operations
  • Help you select the right members of the Board and employees
  • Training Board members & employees
  • Full support and follow up with CBC during the application process. We can assist you replying to any questions / clarifications requested by the regulator
  • We can continue offer various support services after the license activation