Funds Licensing

The amended legal and regulatory framework in Cyprus, ensure that Cyprus remains competitive and flexible

New provisions have also been introduced in the Cyprus tax legislation relating to the taxation of investment funds. The new provisions enhance further the already competitive tax framework of Cyprus applicable for investment funds, fund managers and investors

We can help you get licensed as an AIF or AIFM or register as a RAIF in a timely and cost efficient manner

What we can offer:

  • We present the alternative forms the fund can take and help you identify the one that better meets your needs.
  • Prepare and submit the application package to CySEC
  • Working closely with you during the whole application process and advise you how better to structure your operations
  • Help you select the right members of the Board and employees
  • Training Board members & employees
  • Full support and follow up with CySEC during the application process. We can assist you replying to any questions / clarifications requested by the regulator.
  • We can continue offer various support services after the license activation