Timeframe: 3-5 months

Capital Requirements: Investment Dealer License (Full Service Excluding Underwriting) MUR 1,000,000 (roughly $22,000)


The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (the ‘FSC’) is the integrated regulator for the non-bank financial services sector and global business. Established in 2001, the FSC is mandated under the Financial Services Act 2007 to license, regulate, monitor and supervise the conduct of business activities in these sectors.

Under an FSC Mauritius Investment Dealer License, a Company can offer Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on Forex, Equity Indices, Commodities, etc., upon approval of these financial instruments by the FSC Mauritius. There are different types of Investment Dealer Licenses according to the services you intend to offer.

In order to apply for a Mauritius Investment Dealer License, the Company needs to submit a full application for an Investment Dealer License while at the same time, to proceed with incorporation, as a GBC 1 category entity via a local Management Company.

Why you should consider Mauritius?

  • Large pool of professionals to source for employment;
  • FSC Mauritius is one of the most reputable regulators and the FSC Mauritius financial services licenses are well-regulated;
  • Attractive tax regime;
  • Strong and reputable banking environment;
  • High level of asset protection provided for the conduct of business rules and other legislation in Mauritius;
  • No restrictions on leverage, PAMM/MAM accounts, or IBs.

What are the main requirements to apply for an Investment Dealer License?

  1. apply to be incorporated in Mauritius for a GBC Category 1 License, as per section 72(6) of the Financial Services Act;
  2. appoint a local Management Company;
  3. propose fit and proper individuals that have relevant experience in the financial industry sector;
  4. meet the minimum capital requirements for an investment dealer license;
  5. have two fit and proper and two local directors (these can be combined);
  6. Appoint a strong investment dealer team (chief dealer and back-up dealer);
  7. The MLRO and Compliance Officer shall be Mauritius residents.

*FiveComply is providing advisory services to clients across the globe. In regards to Investment Dealer applications to FSC, please note that same are submitted via approved service providers / Management Companies regulated by the FSC in Mauritius; FiveComply maintains an advisory role in each application submitted.