CySEC AML Compliance Officer Exams

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (“the CySEC”) on 17th of December 2019, announced the introduction of ‘AML Compliance Officer’ exams which will take place starting from 4th of February 2020.

All interested persons can submit an application to take the exam starting from 17th December 2019. The relevant Syllabus can be found on the CySEC’s website at the following link: Syllabus

Applications can only be submitted online at the following link: Application

Finally, successful candidates may register in the AML compliance officers register.

Important Note

Individuals who are already employed or appointed as AML compliance officers in CySEC regulated entities, may submit an application to participate in the examinations as soon as possible. In case they fail the exam, they are obliged to apply to take the next examination in a period of twelve (12) months. The twelve-month period starts from the initial start date of examinations. In case an individual fails the exam in the twelve month-period, then their appointment as AML compliance officer shall not resume until they have managed to pass the exam.

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